Lantech S4000在線式纏繞膜包裝機
The S-4000 Series is a fully automatic stretch wrap system that can either be loaded manually by a forktruck or can operate in-line with other automated equipment. Ideal wrapper for tall column stacked loads that are unstable or too heavy to rotate.

The S-4000 is equipped with Pallet-Grip®, the patented solution that locks your load to the pallet to reduce load shifting, product damage, and returned goods.

Voted BEST BRAND in Stretch Wrapping Systems by readers of Industrial Equipment News.
Processor Allen Bradley CompactLogix L32E
HIM / Touchscreen Allen Bradley PanelView 600+ Color
Logic Lan-Logix™ powered by RS Logix 5000

Peak Production Speed Over 100 loads/hr
Maximum Load Diagonal 72"
Maximum Load Height 75" Film Height
Maximum Load Weight 4000 lbs

Load Handling
Load-Seeking™ Clamp Standard
Wrap Arm Zone 80"
Wrap Arm Drive 3 HP AC Inverter Duty
Wrap Arm Speed (Variable) 40 RPM

Film Delivery System
Pallet-Grip® Standard
Film Delivery System Power Roller-Stretch® Plus
Standard Pre-stretch 250%
E-Z Thread™ Roll Carriage Standard
Wrapping Force Variable
Film Capacity 10" Roll Diameter
Standard Film Width 20"

Machine Shipping Weight
Approximate Shipping Weight 11,450 lbs

Electrical 460V
Pneumatic 3-5 CFM @ 80 PSI
Service Support 24 hrs - 7 days/wk

3 years
Unlimited cycles

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